Senin, 05 Oktober 2015

Self Expression In Art

Expression is a big part of self that needs an outlet. Infact if we don't find a way to express who we are it can lead to mental and physical illness, and all sorts of phobias. Therefore it is crucial to find an outlet for "self expression." I found mine through both art and writing. I thought art and writing were two different cultures but they are not really because they have one thing in common, "self expression." An artist may not be able to write, but he expresses himself through his brush and canvass.

Ancient tribes would draw pictures onto rocks to express their feelings and thoughts, because they didn't write. Luckily I realised that there wasn't much difference between writing words and painting on a canvass. In a current book I am writing, I am now merging both art and writing together as a whole to convey its content to the reader. This is an excellent way to add depth to my book.

I cannot imagine a book without illustrations or pictures of some kind, the story would be lonely and it could also make it harder to follow, yet if there are enough illustrations in the book it could simply click hard lines into place. We all interpret a story differently, yet if we actually "see" pictures then it helps a reader see the story the way the writer has intended it to read. Art can be felt because it is individualised and the artist owns his unique self expression on canvass and like words it can move an audience.

I see art as having a universe of diversities, and it is something that can never be rightly criticised. It falls outside the realm of criticism as would be seen on the same level as insulting a persons birthright to express himself. Whatever and however an artist puts paint onto a canvass, is something of him/herself, no matter whether or not it has been copied.

Art expresses "the human self." It is the fingerprint of the soul. An artist can never paint a portrait of someone exactly the way he painted the last one of the same person. It may be close - but not an exact replica, which is why so many artists offer prints of an original painting. This is the uniqueness of self expression in art, it is something that is owned by the individual, or the artist.

An abstract artist is very much in touch with his emotions and has clarity and confidence in what he can pull out from the depths of his soul. Abstract art appears to be an even more personalised pose of deep self expression and I always feel quite honoured to be in the presence of their work. It can be quite a humbling experience, especially when you hear their story behind a piece of work.

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